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6th 12th 2013 - 31st 12th 2013

Mina Mládková
Exhibition from the "Retrospective "

A retrospective exhibition of Mines Mládková , a member of the Association Jihoženským eye.


The exhibition includes photographic series 8 : Neopiktorialismy , grandmother in the spa , Sleeping Beauty , Sunday, Sen Tiger, Sofa , Detail me a Wreath .

Neopiktorialismy (1996-1999 ) . Black and white analogue photography. Portraits , nudes . The photos were inspired and influenced by the work Drtikol, Stieglitz , Weston. There is a strong play of light and shadow on photographing the human body.

Grandmother in the spa (2006 ) . Color digital photos. Against the background of classicist and historicist interiors of the old baths created a series of portraits and acts as a parable story my grandmother ( brought up in the glow of the bourgeois family ), which in the spa found an escape from reality Socialist official.

Sleeping Beauty ( 2008) . Color digital photos. Nudes , portraits outdoors. It uses sharp natural light . Virginal purity , Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Autumn in nature , all this can be the key to the perception of these photos.

Sunday ( 2009) . Color digital photos. File depicting ordinary Sunday morning a young woman -single . Subjective view this file raises the question of identity and individuality lifestyle of contemporary young man.

Sen Tiger (2011 ) . Color digital photos. The author used the technique of shooting through a kaleidoscopic glass chandelier that allow her to express the story dreaming of a tiger , which is isolated in a concrete pen zoo , eat it on the savannas , the desire for freedom and free space.

Sofa (2011 ) . This file is returned to the black and white analog photographs, negatives and medium format similar to the aesthetics of visuality photographs from the late 90th years. The author deals with it in same sex relationships and considers this as an unfinished file , which is currently still wants to continue to pursue.

Detail I ( 2012-1013 ) . Color digital photos. Intentionally expressive distortions of portraits leading up to the comic results.

Wreath (2013 ) . Color digital photos. Symbol of innocence transferred to a decadent concept of loss of freedom and alienation.

 The curator of the exhibition is Švolík Miro .