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15.12.2012 - Playing with wax


At Christmas time was oriented workshop , using mainly traditional material , in this case the wax. Painting on silk batik wax technique you tried both new applicants and those already experienced, who regularly attend this workshop . On one job may be involved in more people. The common formation can not be used when working with hot colored wax called enkaustice . The essence is encaustic painting pigments for heat, which is associated with wax and heat applied to heat up the pad. This old painting technique Hellenistic - Egyptian origin , worked in the Czech painter František especially Ronovský . Thanks to modern technology , however, open to the general public and is one of the amazing creative forms of painting. The new way we can paint encaustic paintings and create magical abstractions that even a beginner can handle . The specific image, landscape , course lecturers and participants have created this workshop . During the day the images were created by the author zapaspartoval and in the end the event was the most successful creations included a one-day exhibition , scented wax melting and Christmas cookies .