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Archive: Naďa Urbánková a Bokomara


5. května 655, 356 01 Sokolov, Česká republika
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Nada Urbánková and Bokomara

28th January, Tuesday, 19:00, City Theatre Sokolov


One of the most popular singers of the 70th years, winner of five Golden Nightingales and interpreter memorable hits my dear, and I envy that belong to the golden legacy of his time. She has performed at the legendary theater Semaphore with Country BEAT Jiri Brabec concerts in the U.S. to Nashville and worked with the orchestra Vaclav Hybš. After a long pause, the music began again to act in conjunction with non-traditional Moravian folk group Bokomara.

Entrance fee: 160, - CZK

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5. května 655, 356 01 Sokolov, Česká republika