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Irena Dousková
proud Budžes

THURSDAY 30th January 19:30
A. Dvořák Theatre Pribram

proud Budžes
A. Dvořák Theatre Pribram
Dramatization successful eponymous prose writer Irena Dousková . The heroine of the story , the disciple of the second class of nine-year basic school Helenka Součková us probing and naive view of a child of eight years evocatively accompanied tragicomic Husak normalization , as in the early 70th years projected into the world of children and adults. Against the background of the school environment and the theater in one " unnamed " district town depends on the sequence of comic events , embarrassing experiences , minor and major mishaps that little Helenka not only experiencing , but it is the immediacy of his own age, evaluates and comments . Barbora Hrzánová - Thalia Award 2003 Women's extraordinary stage performance for her role Helenka Součková .

Starring: Barbora Hrzánová , Jarmila Vlčková / Marcela Šiková , Libor Jenik .
Directed by : George Schmiedt

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