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PEARLS Swing 2 - concert


Wednesday, the 26th Second 2014 at 19:30 pm

ticket: 490, - 440, - 350, - 200, -


Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers

Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers this time decided to offer you the becnejkras in s w s music and pearls, which we swing the world's 30th and 40 years behind. Frantic, virtuoso pieces alternate immortal sweet melodies. Hot American swing rises from the chair, Czech songs to soothe your nerves. Or vice versa! Without a doubt, however, know that right after the first few seconds, rousing show full of rhythm and humor, crowned with brilliant performances of famous European hot-trumpeter Juraj Bartos, Ti shine ... "Phlox in thy sight ..."!