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Thermal Karlovy Vary, I.P.Pavlova, Karlovy Vary
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According to hopelessly sold-out halls in which they sing Zagorová Hana and Petr Rezek, it would seem , for example, writes that the year 1979. Viewers of them singing and clapping standing today - after thirty-four years.

Hana Zagorová - Czech lady of pop music was born on 6 September 1946 in the North Petřkovice. After Lucy White won the most awards Golden Nightingale in category singers became nine holds Golden Nightingales continuously from 1977 until 1985. The last time you were able to appreciate the quality of the musical Jack the Ripper in a new musical Mona Lisa , which alternates with Helen Vondrackova character Caterina de ' Gherardini . In autumn 2008, the CD Ancient Love / duets .

Hana Zagorová started in seven years playing the piano. After studying acting at the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts , she moved to Prague, where , for example, a guest at the Theatre in Semaphore Dry parodic performances Bouquet . In 1980, she played the role of Elizabeth in the movie musical blockbuster director Zdenek Podskalský . In film career , however, did not proceed further . In the late sixties , she performed with the band Flamingo , also appeared in the file Sodom - Gomorrah and started working with the orchestra Vaclav Zahradnik , with whom she recorded her first LP " Phantom " , which is also one of the biggest hits " Phantom Julie " . Also toured with Karel Gott , Eva Pilarová or Vasco Neckář . Gradually formed hits like "I 'm floating ," " Our house sounds , laughing ," " He is someone " . Since 1977, she won a total of nine times in a row in the Golden Nightingale and so masterfully took home the most popular post of the singer . The concert began to emerge with its own backing band . They led her colleague Karel Vagner Michal Prokop , replaced the six years Petr Rezek, with whom she recorded the hit " Probably , probably ," and "Rainbow Fairy " . Her solo hits include " Draw back pictures ", " little known ", " feel sorry , I'm sorry ." At the end of the seventies even performs with Italian singer Drupim . In the eighties sang other hits such as " Emergency Line ", " Biograph Love ," " Cape of good hope ", " meeting " . Often concerts in Poland and Russia recordings for foreign companies (Austria, Russia , England , Germany ) , filmed in foreign countries ( Malta , Egypt , Germany). From 1980 to 1986 she performed with singing and dancing duo Petra Kotvald and Stanislav Hložka . Common hits as "My Time" , " No other way ", " I hurry ." For Hanu Zagorová write -known and aspiring authors , such as Zdeněk Borovets , Petr Hapka , George Zmožek , Michal Horacek, Tomas Hanak, Petr Malásek . Again began touring in 1996. After a few years followed by a concert collaboration with Peter Kotvald and Stanislav Hložek , then with Peter Rezek , with whom performs today. He regularly performs in Prague's Lucerna . Even starred in musicals such as Jack the Ripper and the Mona Lisa . He performs at many charity events and also participates in the organization and production . Since 1996, she has regularly performed in Prague's Lucerna , accompanied by a group Boom Band as intimate group this excellent band sold out theaters in Bohemia , Moravia and the Slovak throughout the year.

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Thermal Karlovy Vary, I.P.Pavlova, Karlovy Vary