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Marc Camoletti
Apartment for advertisement

Friday, the 4th April 19:30

The theater company Háta
Full of fading artiste Georgette rents in his Paris apartment rooms . So on the one still lives at Jeanine pianist , painter Jacqueline and maid Marie -Louise . One day, the ladies decide to change your life , and each of them , unbeknownst to the others, an advertisement . What does it come on, when everyone wants someone ( or something) else? In France, the hugely successful comedy offers a variety of humorous situations and dialogue and a certain piquancy when it manages with the famous French charm .

Starring: Jacqueline Adele Gondíková or Jana Zenáhlíková , Jeanine Ivana Andrlová or Veronika Jeníková , Georgette Marcela Nohýnková or Vlasta Žehrová , Marie -Louise Lucie Svobodová or Olga Zelenský , Spartacus Martin Zounar , Marcel Bertrand Vašinka , Bernard Zbyšek Pantůček, Jean Filip Tomsa or Martin Sobotka

Directed by Marie Lorencová

Ticket price :
390 , - 350 , - 300 , - 200, - A Subscription