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Cimrman, Ladislav Smoljak , Zdeněk Vice : Murder in the lounge COUPÉ

15th 5th 19.30

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Divadlo Jary Cimrmana

The luxuriously furnished saloon coupé international express train traveling three passengers : the famous Czech police inspector Václav costume, industrialist Meyer, who produces everything for heating ( coats, rum , fireclay bricks) , a manufacturer Bierhanzel manufacturer ointments for thickening hair. In Istanbul station will be added to the trio, the inspector pupil police trainee Henry Hlavacek , finishing his thesis on the train criminology. The road runs quietly until the factory Bierhanzela tooth ache . The train steward - a kind of the guard for the rich - rushes the treadle drill and factory after surgery feeling much better. Soon the pain disappears completely, because Bierhanzel die ... thus effectively opened theatresand his detective game Murder in the saloon coupé in which capitalized on its experience of the police service in Vienna " Four ." His career criminal and forensic teach us a series of well-researched lectures, polemical Austrian school teacher E. Fiedler .

Starring: Inspector Trachta Zdeněk Vice, Police trainee Petr Hlavacek Brukner / Josef Čepelka jh / Vojtech Kotek jh , manufacturer Bierhanzel Bořivoj p / Jaroslav Weigel / Peter Reidinger , a factory Meyer Jan Hraběta / Marek Simon Steward Václav Kotek / Genadij Rumlena

Director: Ladislav Smoljak