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Husovo náměstí 270/2, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká republika
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Date of Event:
     September 9, 2014
     Spa III - A. Dvorak Concert Hall - Karlovy Vary
JOHANN STRAUSS: melodies, songs and duets from operettas, Die Fledermaus, The Gypsy Baron and A Night in Venice

JOHANN STRAUSS: Leichtes Blut, Emperor Waltz, Im Krapfenwald'l, Auf der Jagd

CARL ZELLER: songs and duets from operettas Ptáčník

EMMERICH Kalman: songs and duets from operettas Czardas Princess

JOSEF Labitzký: Mariánskolázeňská Kvapík

JOSEF Labitzký: Fun polka

Franz Lehar: Gold and silver

Liana Sass - soprano

Milan Vlcek - tenor

Conductor Martin Peschík

Today's concert program consists of half of the songs Austrian composer Johann Strauss Jr. (1825 - 1899). Quite rightly. The "King of Waltz", the son of composer Johann Strauss waltz brought to perfection and dance music's presence into a true art. Also famous for his operettas of which Die Fledermaus (1874) and Gypsy Baron (1885) are among the most well-known and still widely fiction. Songs and arias from operettas such, and also from the operetta A Night in Venice (1883), also heard on today's concert, as well as three polkas and waltzes, one of the most famous - Emperor Waltz (1888).

Johann Strauss wrote about five hundred works. These include polkas, waltzes, marches, sixteen operettas and one opera.

From the work of Austrian operetta composer Carl Zeller (1842 - 1898) will hear three tunes from operettas Fowler (1891). With this work Zeller achieved real success and rightly ranked alongside Franz von Suppého, Johann Strauss Jr. and Karla Millöcker quartet most of Viennese operetta composers of the 19th century.

Czech Waltz King. That earned him the nickname renowned composer and conductor Josef Labitzký (1802 - 1881) from Krasna u Bečov for his many polkas, gallopades, marches, quadrilles and waltzes. These include, of course, Marianskolazenska Kvapík and Spa polka, which at today's concert will sound. Besides dance music was Josef Labitzký also a composer of classical and sacred music. The total number of works is estimated to be three hundred. For the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra and Karlovy Vary is Josef Labitzký crucial figure, because here in 1835 began building a spa orchestra, which later under the leadership of his son Augusta became a renowned spa music ensemble - Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra.

Among the operetta classics can not miss Austrian composer Franz Lehár (1870 - 1948). His best known and most successful work is the operetta The Merry Widow (1905), became the most popular waltz Gold and silver, made for a princess on prom Mertternichovou "Gold and Silver" in January to 1902.

The most popular operettas of the Hungarian operetta composer Emmerich Kálmán (1882 - 1953) is one of Czardas Princess (1915), from which you will hear two songs. In his operettas author full advantage of csardas Hungarian musical motifs that appropriately in matching the Viennese operetta tradition.

As soloists: soprano and tenor Liana Sass Milan Vlcek. Liana Sass is dedicated to music since childhood, when she began playing piano, organ later on. Already during his studies at the Prague Conservatory Choir became a member of the National Theatre, and has performed on many other opera houses - Liberec, Brno, Karlin, Estates Theatre, Ústí nad Labem. She also portrayed a variety of roles including tutilních. For the role of Agatha in CM von Weber's Der Freischütz in Ústí opera was nominated for the Thalia Award for 2010 for the same scene in 2012 she performed the title role in Dvořák's opera Rusalka. In addition to opera deals and vocal-instrumental compositions, performs in concert at important places at home and abroad.

Milan Vlcek is a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. After graduation, he became a soloist at the Municipal Theatre in Ústí nad Labem, his first role was Jenik in Smetana's The Bartered Bride. A series of roles, then already in constant engagement vv Janáček Opera of the National Theatre in Brno. As a guest singer also performed at other venues - at the Prague State Opera, the National Theatre in Prague, the Slovak National Theatre in Czech Budejovice, Olomouc, Ostrava, Plzen. Vlcek also performs abroad, especially in Europe, both in theater productions, and in the concert business. He has also in Israel and Japan.

The concert will be conducted by the conductor Martin Peschík. He studied piano and conducting at the Conservatory in the Czech Budejovice. He is a graduate of conducting Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. As a conductor he has worked with the National Theatre in Brno, the Moravian Philharmonic Olomouc, South Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic, the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Marianske Lazne and others. Since 2002, he served in the South Bohemian Theatre in Czech Budejovice as choirmaster and conductor, from January 2008 as chief conductor. Conducted in a number of European countries and the major domestic music festivals. Since October 2011, chief conductor and director of the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Marianske Lazne.

Source of information: Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra - www.kso.cz

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Husovo náměstí 270/2, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká republika