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Kollárova 707/7, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně, Česká republika
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A great stage show performed by Asian Dub Foundation!

Legend of the dance scene, the British multicultural musical band Asian Dub Foundation, will present its exotic stage show on tour in the Czech republikce. Asian Dub Foundation (ADF sometimes only) combine in an explosive mix electronics with hard-junglovými ragga rhythms and electric guitars and traditional Asian instruments.

Asian Dub Foundation is a British group that in their music combines elements of dub, drum'n'bass, reggae, dancehall, but also punk. ADF with us regularly very successful concerts, stand out as stars at many music festivals, such as this year. Dance 20th jubilee ROCK FOR PEOPLE. Energetic, socially and politically engaged music mix ADF, which combines diverse influences from dance electronics to Bengali folklore, in our very popular mainly because of its podmanivému springing rhythm and energy. Multicultural band uses live DJ and playing musical instruments.

The band formed in 1993 in London thanks to the Foundation Community Music engaged in work with talented musicians from socially disadvantaged communities and ethnic minorities. With its own repertoire began to act after the arrival of guitarist Steve Chadra Savalea, also known by the nickname "Chadrasonic". He is known for his innovative approach to guitar - all strings tuned to the same note (it is customary for example. Sitar u) in the game fundamentally used distortion and guitar playing sometimes with a knife. Then spread throughout Britain wave of violence against immigrants from Asia. These events and contributed to the band's name first signing a recording contract for Nation Records.

The debut EP from 1994, was named Conscious. In 1995, the band became famous successful single Rebel Warrior. That same year, followed by a full-length album Facts and Fiction in 1998 and board Rafi's Revenge. Furthermore released albums: Community Music (2000), Enemy of the Enemy (2003), Tank (2005). In 2008 it became a very successful Punkari (2008), on which he sang and Iggy Pop or the Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello. They constitute a new album called The Signal and Noise. With the ADF during their careers cast including Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine and Beastie Boys.

Stars of London ethno-dance underground ADF has gained worldwide reputation for its energetic music and also thanks to the clear and uncompromising attitude protirasistickému, sometimes even very critical to the Western world. A wide range of musical influences that could transform ADF into their music, the band quickly bring a broad base of fans from around the world. Do not miss their unique temperament show!



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Kollárova 707/7, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně, Česká republika