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Západní 1812/73, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká republika
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Vivaldianno and Zdenek Podhursky & Underhill band
Number of God

KV Arena this year for visitors to prepare a Christmas concert with sums for charity. In collaboration with Zdenek Podhůrským and Michal Dvořák hold a concert performance that follows the number of God Tour 2014 at KV Arena will take place 6. 12. 2014.
By purchasing tickets for this benefit concert, each visitor will promote direct route for 50 CZK child with a handicap of Karlovy Vary. Formal check the payment shall be handed over performance family.

No. God is a charitable project that their cultural activities supports children with disabilities when state support is failing. Its patron is actor, singer and musician Zdeněk Podhursky, which is present at a concert with his band Underhill Band style rock chanson. Band is an offshoot of the rock band Underhill, operating since 2007. In electroacoustic bringing you hear the author's repertoire with Czech lyrics and song, among others, the number of God, according to which the entire project named charity.

Underhill band

     Zdeněk Podhursky - singing and elektrokust. guitar
     Zdeněk Beran - keys / cajón
     Damar Sečkařová - violin
     Luke Jilek - el.kytara
     Gabriela Urbánková - vocals / percussion

VIVALDIANNO is timeless musical project in which their assigned roles, renowned musicians of various genres and the foundations of classical music of past centuries created a colorful medley of contemporary music.
Suckled classic violin virtuoso Jaroslav Svěcený and rock keyboardist and composer Michal Dvorak, a founding member of Lucy, the most famous Czech music band, with absolute work engagement embarked on a new project, and follower VIVALDIANNO MMVIII MMVII who plan to introduce in 2015.
These days it is already prepared the new album, the third in order, and also the implementation of a new concert project VIVALDIANNO, which we would like to continue in gold & platinum albums VIVALDIANNO MMVIII and MMXII.

The aim is to introduce viewers to superb performance and perfect audio-visual program on a global level, which will present a new album in production Jaroslav Svěcený and Michal Dvorak, MMJ received the prestigious Angel as a group, artist and album two decades - as a member and manager of Lucie.
Concerts offer with these great musicians and guest performers from around the world original, emotive, and multi-genre music themed, state of the art digital light park with large projections and special effects, sound system, which will ensure the ultimate experience in full frequency spectrum.

Tickets for performances at KV Arena are on sale at Ticketportal, the ticket price of 450 CZK (50 CZK ticket price goes directly to support the child).

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Západní 1812/73, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká republika