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Husovo náměstí 270/2, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká republika
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Friday, 12 December 2014 19:30

Lazne III Karlovy Vary

Jaroslav Krček: Christmas music

Jaroslav Krček: Christmas Mass (Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei)

Edmund Pascha: Gloria from Christmas Mass in F Major

Adam Michna of Otradovice: Two Christmas carols from Marian music - Christmas cuteness, Christmas pub



KSO, Musica Bohemica

Petra Havránková - soprano

Charles James - baritone

Conductor Jaroslav Krček

Advent concert with a very interesting combination of Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra and Musica Bohemica start Christmas music and Christmas Mass Jaroslava Krčka (born 1939), founder of the group, artistic director, conductor and especially versatile musician and composer.

In addition to the activities mentioned Jaroslav Krček also sings and for the needs of the ensemble Musica Bohemica produces new tools. From years of study is interested in folklore and with it the anonymous musical expressions of Czech culture. This interest developed into a specialization in folkloristic issues in the broad context - Krček states back into contemporary musical life of the oldest monuments of folk music, which looks is also the author of the wonderful arrangements of folk songs and dances, which are entirely its own distinctive style and a high degree of stylization differ significantly from affordable treatments.

Jaroslav Krček is also the author of vast tracks of symphonic, chamber and vocal. Even in this sphere has always sought to make his music was adornment of life, providing satisfaction and spiritual uplift, and to the listener interested. Equally distinctive is Jaroslav Krček and conductor, which can be at this concert.

Then Gloria sounds of Christmas Mass in F Major, composed by Slovak Franciscan preacher, organist and composer of the Czech (Moravian) origin Edmund Pascha (1714-1772). Christmas Mass in F major is his most famous work, the few surviving comes from the collection of Harmonia pastoralis. It is a unique work of Slovak Baroque. Music historians say Paschová Christmas Mass for their charm, originality and unique earthy strength is unmatched in any of the famous Christmas mass.

Edmund Pascha, originally Czech tape or, using the pseudonym Claudianus Ostern, composing the Slovak Passions, Masses and pastoral carols contributed not only to the development of Slovak baroque music, but also Slovak literature. In their music collections preserved especially Christmas folklore and distinctive Slovak folk poetry with Christmas and Easter themes.

Before the final band carols state KSO with Musica Bohemica two Christmas carols Knight Michna (1600 - 1676) from the cycle Czech Marian music - Christmas and Christmas cuteness pub. The Czech Early Baroque poet, composer, choirmaster and organist of the most important Czech composer and poet of the 17th century and the initiator boom Czech Baroque music culture. He became an inspiration for many future generations of composers for the development of the tradition of Czech national music. In 1633 the Michna became organist and choirmaster of the Provost temple in Hradec Henry and the functions performed almost throughout life.

Adam Michna was a prolific composer, but not all songs have been preserved. It is known two hundred and thirty of his compositions is concentrated in three Czech and two Latin collections. The best known are his three cycles hymnických songs, Czech Marian music Lute Czech and Holy Year Music. He composed mainly spiritual music, vocal and vocal-instrumental, with their own poetic texts. He wrote many Czech spiritual songs, some of which, especially Christmas songs are popular even today. These include "Christmas Night", better known as lust, to sleep, which is in the Czech Republic still one of the most played Christmas carols.

Musica Bohemica Prague is a chamber ensemble with nearly forty years of tradition. At present, eight-term musicians and two singers, but it can be extended to small chamber orchestra, vekterém are interpreted as tunes baroque world champions. Repertoire creates Jaroslav Krček. Specific and unique interpretation and zpracováníanonymní and folk music. File made some padesátititulů CD, music for několikafilmům recordings for Czech radio and television. He has a concert tour in Japan and is a frequent guest in countries across Europe.

As soloists will perform Petra Havránková and Charles James, singers file.

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Husovo náměstí 270/2, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká republika