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Festival Regulations TOURFILM
§ 1

CzechTourism located 46 Vinohrady, Prague 2 organizes the traditional traveler's Film Festival in Karlovy Vary TOURFILM and organizational Instructs at 46 festival's organizing agency AVANT Promotion Ltd.

§ 2

Since 2003, the festival connected with the national film festival TOUR REGION FILM, which is part of the festival TOURFILM in 2013.

§ 3

The mission of the festival is to present and evaluate films and multimedia that its content and artistic levels contribute to the development of domestic and foreign tourism and at the same time help to a wide international use of these images. All the preparatory work and the course of the festival governed Festival Committee.

§ 4

Festival governed by the Festival Committee composed of representatives of the Czech Tourist Authority - CzechTourism and organizer.

§ 5 The
Festival TOURFILM is a member of the International Committee of tourist festivals CIFFT Based in Vienna.
§ 6

TOURFILM Festival program consists of:
competition films on tourism
competition of television films on tourism
multimedia contest with the theme of tourism
screening submissions and multimedia for the public
seminars, discussions and exchange of experiences between experts from the field of tourism, authors and journalists
supporting, professional, social, cultural and commercial events
§ 7th
Accepting films, TV movies, commercials, advertising and multimedia serving to popularize tourism, active leisure (culture, entertainment, travel, sports, etc.) and to support commercial objectives in tourism.
§ 8th

The competition is divided into four categories:
First more than 30 minutes on the theme of tourism (national boards, regions, cities, public institutions, commercial sector)
Second commercials and short clips in 3 minutes (national boards, regions, cities, public institutions, commercial sector)
3rd TV movies (current affairs and documentaries) on the theme of tourism
4th multimedia (www + CD) on the theme of tourism
Technical parameters:
Entries for the I. - III. category should be added to the DVD.
Multimedia in IV. category should be added to the CD (DVD) or login link www.

Multimedia category includes:
First CD (DVD) on tourism
Second Web sites for tourism

§ 9th

Applicant owns the copyright on the use of his work, ie. film or multimedia.
Applicant shall be liable for any settlement of copyright.
The festival organizer assumes no liability related to copyright.
Festival Committee will not be responsible third party.
Festival Committee has the right to refuse an image spot and multimedia, its content or technical quality matched your festival.

§ 10 of

Images, commercials and multimedia judged by an International Jury appointed every year the Festival Committee and composed of film and television makers, experts in tourism, critics and producers.

§ 11 The

The international jury awarded statutory rates:
GRAND PRIX - will be awarded as a single category without distinction
The first three places in each category
Award Director CzechTourism
Furthermore, given the non-statutory rates
§ 12th

The official languages are English Festival and Czech.

§ 13th

Movies and CD-ROMs must be sent to the address TOURFILM FESTIVAL - AVANT Promotion, sro, U.S. 42, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic together with a completed and signed entry form. Login for film or multimedia for the competition are not charged any fees.
The deadline for applications is July 25, 2013
For admission to the competition films must be in good condition, ready for display.
Packaging and carrier must be labeled with the following information: name, length, language.
Festival Committee accepts no responsibility for damage caused by transport frame. Transport Film and Multimedia Festival is happening at the expense of the applicant, right back to the applicant at the expense of the organizers of the festival.
§ 14th

All images, commercials (except III. Competition categories and current affairs television films) and multimedia selected for the competition remain after the festival for a year available to organizers. Applicant signing the application gives consent to use these images free of spots in Czech television network and public demonstrations throughout the festival.

§ 15th

The timing of the festival, including the order of projection images, commercials and multimedia exclusion of participants and their images, commercials and multimedia, in the event of a breach of these terms and all unresolved issues with this Statute with respect to organizational aspects, decided Festival Committee.

To § 16

Adoption of each applicant, the image spot or multimedia festival, is conditional on the acceptance and observance of this statute.