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The festival JazzFest ...
Karlovy Vary spa of international renown have several distinctive features that would be difficult to find elsewhere in the region, but also the country. One of these features is a jazz tradition that was not even interrupted during totality. For the first jazz festival in former Czechoslovakia in 1962 was held right in Carlsbad. This year's festival is the thirteenth in the production of civic associations Jazz circle and third place in cooperation with the Municipal House of Culture Sokolov. Traditionally, it is supported by the City of Karlovy Vary, Karlovy Vary Region and held under the auspices of the Mayor of Karlovy Vary.

XXIX annual international jazz festival dramaturgy is focused primarily on modern jazz and fusion with other musical genres by musicians from around the world. This year's festival starts 08.10 from 19 hours in the music club "M" in Sokolov Brazilian singer and guitarist Adriano Trindade, accompanied by energetic, great pedaling in rhythm and funky latin - jazz and Karlovy Vary audience well-known band Los Quemados (Prague Los formation Guemados Philip Spáleného performed at the festival in Karlovy Vary in 2010). Adriano Trindade - a native of Brazil Porto Alegre, there is still no newcomer. He has performed as in many major European clubs (Dr. Gabs in Geneva, Favela Chic in Paris, Le Jeckyll in Chamonyx, or at Ronnie Scotts jazz club in London) and this year's tour of the Czech Republic is second in the standings.

Other Sokolov concert will take place at the Municipal Theatre MDK 10.17 by 19 hours, which will feature three regional big band - Carlsbad Gringos, Jazz Big Gang of Cheb and Big Band MDKSokolov.

Carlsbad part of the festival traditionally starts in the intimate setting of Theatre Husovka 13.10.v 19.30 hours. This year, however, an exceptional celebration of the fiftieth birthday of the Karlovy Vary Jazz Festival - the oldest festival in the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia. Accompanied Carlsbad Reprebandu coming to play and reminisce musicians and organizers then "show of jazz music" (the original name) in 1962! Trumpet Jaromír Hnilička Bob and Bunny, pianist Karel Ruzicka, vocalist and bassist Anthony Gondolán, Carlsbad saxophonist Jaromír Šostok, Alojs Hedgehog , Stephen Podesta and others. The entire concert recorded Czech Radio Pilsen.

The festival includes workshops and jazz workshops ongoing since January of this year, the participants will perform 10.11 from 21 hours in Cinema Drahomíra. Educational concerts under the title "How does jazz" intended for high school students and directed Carlsbad big band will Gringos 10.16 from 10 hours in the spa III.

This year the festival has chosen for a concert club environment where jazz undoubtedly. And to 19.10. from 19.30 hours in Masařka music club where you play a rock feel MKCollective tuned Prague band Jiri Simek trio.

Traditionally in Carlsbad passed Prize for outstanding personality of Bohemia and Moravia in the field of jazz - Price Gustav Brom. Starting this year, the main organizer, Czech Radio Brno, decided to pass on this award at the International Jazz Festival in Brno. For Carlsbad production was, however, a new impetus to the creation of awards that would be exclusively concerned personalities associated with the local region. The newly created "Baron Schenecka Price" will be forwarded 10.18 at the Grandhotel Pupp.

This brings us to the highlights of this year XXIX International Jazz Festival Karlovy Vary Jazzfest 2012. This will be the first concert 18.10. at 19.30 hours at the Grandhotel Pupp, Karlovy Vary where the audience will present the premiere world-renowned Argentine composer and saxophonist Javier Girotto, accompanied by Czech Pigeon Saxophone Quartet Saxophone Quartet. In addition to absolute virtuosity is another advantage of this artist's ability to compose without limitation genre - classical music and modern jazz dance Argentine tango connected. On show will be followed by Javier Girotto in the second half jazz symphony "Sinael jazz symphony" Christopher Mark. These compositions were premiered at this year's opening of the spa season at the Municipal Theatre in Carlsbad, where she met with a great response from all the students. Sixty body linked from the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra and Karlovy Vary reprebandu guarantees an unforgettable musical experience. Sinael jazz symphony rehearsed, and will be the author himself.

The second imaginary peak of the festival's closing concert 20.10. at 19.30 hours in Antonin Dvorak Concert Hall in Lazne III. in Karlovy Vary. In this nejazzovém purely acoustic environment certainly very well-versed nejjazzovější band around this year's Czech - Slovak formation - Miroslav Hloucal quartet feat Ondřej Štveráček. Original music written by trumpeter Miroslav Hloucal blends influences of modern mainstream jazz with elements of free and takes the hard bopové tradition. East-West European Jazz Orchestra TWINS 2012 (D + EU, RUS, SRB, CZ) was founded in 2008 Association East-West Jazz Dortmund in cooperation with Glen Buschmann Jazz Academy Dortmund and musical institutions of the twin cities of Dortmund, which are to Rostov Don (Russia) and Novi Sad (Serbia). In 2008, the orchestra became one of the official orchestra of the European Capital of Culture - Ruhr 2010. It's a big band, which interprets the European jazz mainstream, combined with the European tradition and Eastern European jazz. Mixed and molded in the various European cultures, the result is presented on an international level. The project includes the fifty musicians, including guests such as Ondřej Štveráček - tenor saxophone, Aram Rustamyants - piano, Ryan Carniaux - trumpet, Alina Engibaryan - singing. The main star of this ensemble is undoubtedly excellent, in our situation slightly exotic Indonesian singer from the island of Bali, Dian Pratiwi. East-West European Jazz Orchestra manages and conducts the famous German saxophonist Uwe Plath.

Common jam sessions make this a dot for the XXIX International Jazz Festival "Jazzfest Karlovy Vary - Sokolov 2012" 20.10. from 23 hours in a pleasant cafe Popart Cafe in Carlsbad.