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Program XVII. annual international festival

West Bohemia Theatre in Cheb third - 6 October 2013
(Subject to alterations)

Thursday, the 3rd 10th at 10:00 | ZDCH - behind the scenes

JW von Goethe: The Sorrows of Young Werther | Drama Studio in Ústí nad Labem

Plays Jan Jankovský | Director Mark Nemec

Love epistolary novel is still alive. Goethe's contemporaries after reading apparently committed suicide en masse. Love for all ages - for all ages. Directed by Mark Cheb native Germans.

Entrance fee 100 CZK, students and seniors 80 CZK.


Thursday, the 3rd 10th 19.00 | ZDCH - Great Hall
Katharina Schmitt: SAM | Studio heroes Prague

Played by Karel Roden | Director Kamila Polívková

The director Kamila Polívková exploring together with Karel Roden immense popularity attraction that people rally voyeuristic tendencies and supplies most banal things, deeds and sayings celebrities - artists - unique appearance and higher values.

Entrance fee 250 CZK, 230 CZK balcony.


Thursday, the 3rd 10th 21.00 | Franciscan Church
ONE STEP BEFORE THE FALL | Spitfire Company Praha

Plays Margaret Vacovská | Singing Lenka Dusilová | Director Petr Bohac

Hypnotic voice and sound wave sung by Lenka Dusilová and strength dance Margaret VACOVSKÝ to meet in the middle boxing arena. Fight, fatigue, symptoms of Parkinson's disease and collapse.

Entrance fee 200 CZK.


Friday, the 4th 10th at 16:00 | studio d
CHUTILO you, my lady? | JAMU Brno

Director and works Pavol Seriš

In our restaurant operates twenty waiters and one is stranger than the other ... Comic pantomime of human types.

Entrance fee 100 CZK.


Friday, the 4th 10th 19.00 | ZDCH - behind the scenes
Jana Svobodová, Jing Lu: Solo for LU | Divadlo Archa Praha

Directed by Jana Svobodová | Play Jing Lu

Personal Narrative Chinese actress and singer living in Prague. Memories of childhood in communist China, the failures, the path to happiness. All brilliant Czech with a charming accent ...

Entrance fee 150 CZK.


Friday, the 4th 10th 21.00 | studio d
Alessandro Baricco: NOVECENTO | Teatr Studyjny Łódź (Poland)

Directed by Marcin Brzozowski | Play Mateusz Olszewski

A very special character - a self-taught pianist, whom parents left as a baby on a ship crossing the Atlantic on a regular service between Europe and America, and who never set foot on solid ground ... Author reveals the fascinating world of musical genius, made the sea horizon and eighty-eight keys of a piano, through its fellow saxophonists of the orchestra. To the rhythm of jazz in the 20th years!

Entrance fee 100 CZK.


Saturday, the 5th 10th at 17:00 | studio d
Marek Beck impoverished puppeteer | Cakes and Puppets Prague

Director and works Marek Becka

Marek Beck after twenty years back where a puppeteer started. It has nothing, he lost everything, he remained only three puppets and one double-sided background. But my imagination, imagination and passion for puppet theater. With the Three Stooges and a background you wish to play any fairy tale!

Entrance fee 100 CZK.


Saturday, the 5th 10th 19.00 | studio d
Tamara Pomoriški: Writing in the sand | Bohemia Theatre in Cheb - FIRST

Directed by George Seydler | Play Clara Štěpánková

Monodrama inspired by the life and career prematurely end a brilliant Czech actress and singer Laďka Kozderková.

Entrance fee 130 CZK, students and seniors 100 CZK.


Saturday, the 5th 10th 21.00 | Cinema ART
Cristina Maldonado: WHAT SHE DOES | Mexico

Director and works Cristina Maldonado

Theatre invites you to the movies! Thriller of 60 years is back in a new form. Mexican performer uses vivid physical inputs to disruption and damage composition in scenes where women face the risk of psychological manipulation, sadism, coercion and kidnapping. The artist responds to these situations intuitively and tested, what can and can not do to influence; dealing with their own fears, their own need to destroy evil and the need to identify with the situation.

Entrance fee 100 CZK.


Sunday, the 6th 10th at 14:00 | studio d
Jarmila Vlčková: A TUC Nak | Theatre at old actress Hradec Králové

Director and works Jarmila Vlčková

Puppet for the smallest of the tribulations of two little penguins.

Entrance fee 50 CZK, when you buy three tickets for three different performances within DJH ticket free.


Sunday, the 6th 10th at 16:00 | ZDCH - Main Hall
Patrik Hartl: STAR | Studio Two Prague

Directed by Patrick Hartl | Play Eva Holubová

A comedy about a fictional serial actress takes place during the wildest week of her life. A star with a sense of humor reveals backstage Czech show business with ease recounts personal problems unknown actress who after thirty-five years in regional theater unexpectedly shines in the television series.

Entrance fee 300 CZK, 250 CZK balcony.