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Exhibition of Design and life cycle present Czech company Plastia awarded several design prizes

In starts Saturday, June 29, 2013 in the gallery SUPERMARKET WC in Carlsbad another, the traditional "festival" shows that are successful Czech companies cooperating with designers. While last year it was a furniture company TON, this year the exhibition will revolve around something as ordinary as a planter. The exhibition titled Fresh and ours! present the company Plastia from New feasts with plastic pot is successful in international fields. For interior designer Jan pot Calimera Čtvrtník, which allows the combination of different colors and offers a unique irrigation system, for example, won the prestigious reddot design award 2012. The family firm, which was founded in 1993, its production relies on a strong emphasis on original utility design, functionality, and cooperation with young designers and a genuine respect for all living things. Today its product range offers several sophisticated design and functionality pots which refreshes the many interior. The exhibition in Carlsbad will be able to judge whether an imaginative flower plants and also shows insight into the manufacturing secrets of their production. But that was not enough, the exhibition is about the establishment of a community garden on the roof of the gallery, in which plants can contribute every passerby. Show will be adapted to traditional workshops, in which time you can "vydesignovat" of live plants, pots and everything else needed, decoration for your home or balcony. The exhibition will be opening Saturday in 19 hours. It will also include Herb party, at which visitors will have the opportunity to taste the specialties of herbs or directly in subways hear herb lecture. The exhibition will end September 30, 2013.