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Ferda the Ant celebrated his eightieth

     Although it has become a popular figure Ferdy the Ant literally rather iconic for a generation of parents
and grandparents, children having fun and teaches today.
And you know, when it actually Ferda born? For the first time fussy ant with red polka-dot bow around his neck appeared in 1933 in the People newspaper, where he began to build Ferdová events
as it drew Ondřej Sekora to continue. And at first glance seemingly children's character by far was not directed at young readers, but rather to those adults and responsive to the current events of his time. At the time of Munich is such a brave Ferda became a soldier and fought with the enemy. A later was even a communist ...
     Another turning point in his life came in 1942, when she made him director Hermína Týrlová first puppet film. And the kids literally captivated for many years and in addition Mole Zdenek Miler is still the most played title.
     Ferda the Ant far neožil only in books and movies, but also in the theater. Events that handy ant experiences with Baggins beetle, beetles, snails and other creatures successfully transferred to the stage actors Quite a large theater in Litvinov.