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Lidový dům Stará Role, Školní 358/7, Karlovy Vary
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The stadium show Kitts heading to clubs are opening band Airfare
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The stadium show Kitts heading to fall into clubs

Leading Czech Krystof this spring back after more than a year and a half long pause on the concert stage . Return was marked by the new album advert, which highlighted the success of the sold-out hall tour and čtyřplatinové awards for sale. Do stadiums brought Christopher giant stage , special effects and show, which was identified in the media as "the best concert of Czech bands you've ever seen" and the audience with the impression of actually leaving .
The band , however, resting on the waves successful mega concerts in the fall and prepare for their fans tempting offer . This time around the band tries to Richard Krajča prove its uniqueness among a large crowd of ten thousand podium in front of him . In the fall, because Christopher returns the environment from which it comes to clubs . In an environment where there is a most intimate contact between band and audience , again taste the stale air and zero barrier to the audience , an unusual proximity to the stage , but especially unique atmosphere that elsewhere than in the clubs do not experience .
And as is customary with Christopher , will be a phenomenal tour. The band transmits the maximum possible out of the stadium into these small spaces. Already he was following the example of foreign bands light scene that goes a completely different way than usual concert lighting , and some elements already Kitts suggest the summer concert as CO2 effects or giant balloons . Another " stadium " effects you hiding just to the clubs .
Richard Krajčo adds: " Hall tour was sold out so quickly that we felt sorry that so many fans see. So we decided to bring the show to places where indoor concerts do not organize , and make up for all the fans . So get into clubs a stadium show. "
Christopher Fernet Club Tour 2013 and stops in places where long band nekoncertoval , in some venues the band will play for the first time . As new songs galvanizing in a club environment , you will be able to convince the nineteen stations fall club tour from 11 October to 23 November across Africa.
Album advertisement released in the fall of last year and the first single with the same name on the front attacked positions across television and radio musical ether. Since the last board stage for over three years and in that time the band took another step in his work , which is also directed this time from producer chair holder Grammy Awards Yaron Fuchs and his assistant Idem Zmishlanym , which found the band to the ocean. The quality of the album proves that the concert echoes most of the songs from this album and they are all successful singles AD , Wings of soap or we dance . They will undoubtedly Journey song , which is associated with the upcoming film The Wings of Christmas with Richard lace in the title role .

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Lidový dům Stará Role, Školní 358/7, Karlovy Vary