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Západní 1812/73, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká republika
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Wrestling stars are spectacular hockey show where celebrities compete stellar team of HC Olymp Praha with our natives HC Piranha Chodov.

HC Olymp Praha

The club was founded by TV series Last season, in which the main role is played by actor Martin hockey Dejdar, which accreted ice hockey so much to heart that he decided to establish a team HC Olymp Praha. The team is composed of Olympic champions and stellar acting personalities such as goalie Dominik Hasek, acrobatic skier Aleš Valenta, actor Martin Dejdar, New Paul, David Suchařípa, Jiri Madl and more.

HC Piranha Chodov

First established as the idea of friends who wanted to start playing hockey at a higher than amateur level. Added at the beginning of a whole 5 members and complement roster players who were rather enthusiasts. The club then issued statutes and registered as a civic association and thus became legal standards. Now civic association HC Piranha Chodov organizes activities like the type of hockey competitions, tournaments and try to bring people together, of course, gamers and enthusiasts who share a common goal - to enjoy this great game.

And what can you expect?

Compact entertaining show on the ice, where it is not only amateur hockey match, but the fun with all the trimmings. Art Hockey, vocal performances, but also funny acting skills personalities fierce fighting with cushion often funny ending fights, even on multiple fights not an emergency. You can look forward to accompanying program full of fun and compete for valuable prizes.

Adults: 60, - CZK
Children under 15 years: 40, - CZK
Children under 5 years: Free
Tickets can be purchased at checkout Pool center on the day of the event at the checkout KV Arena.

Places & Venues

Západní 1812/73, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká republika