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Archive: Zdeněk Burian - Na vlně dobrodružství


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The exhibition presents a totally unique collection of past oil and gouache envelopes painter and illustrator Zdenek Burian and shows off the best of his work. Zdeněk Burian also famous as a completely unique author of numerous illustrations and paintings from prehistoric times, the collection of the wave of adventure, which is one hundred and fifty works, but offers a wide variety of illustrations for adventure stories. The exhibition is a task trip adventure genres across continents. Among the most popular authors of Zdeněk Burian were primarily writers Jack London, Charles May, Arthur Ransome, Jules Verne and Enrique Stanko Murderers - classics of the adventure genre. Burian their loved books and illustrated the enormous gusto. Unique black and white gouache technique brought to perfection. With this exhibition, visitors can also see together for the first time the legendary literary characters - Old Shatterhand, Winnetou, Sam Hawkins, Count of Monte Cristo, Captain Nemo, dog Jerry, and more. After opening, I added a few photos. Gentleman in a blue shirt and glasses, Vladimir Prokop, a leading expert on Czech illustrators of adventure literature, especially the work of Zdeněk Burian. Lord, in light shirt (in an interview with museum director Lenka Zubačovou) is the author of the exhibition Jakub Sluka, author of the exhibition and director Retro Prague gallery, which exhibits loaned.