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The combination of youth , talent and enthusiasm , the band members "City Quartet " are unpredictable and sometimes even "risky" experiments with well-known songs as if they birth again each time fascinating the audience and forcing the Russian to be proud of Russian folk instruments and musical culture as a whole.

    The group was founded in October 2006 and graduate students at St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. Young and ambitious musicians soon became a popular public Petersburg . With incredible pace File " Grad Quartet " ( early name " Tower Quartet " derived from " Terem - Quartet " - the legendary Russian band , which is involved in a group ) began its climb to the charming musical Olympus.

       Participation in various music festivals and competitions in the early years of his work immediately brought the whole public recognition . Ensemble " Grad -quartet " becomes the owner of the Grand Prix and won several Russian and international competitions. Thanks to the incredible skill and drive functional group is a special guest at the most important international events adequately represent a new musical culture of Russia. By gaining wide popularity , the group "City Quartet " is becoming the standard musical style and serves as a model for creating new music ensembles in St. Petersburg , who are willing to lend a creative aspect and stage set .

      During the years of his fruitful creative " Quartet Grad " has become a source of pride and admiration for foreigners Russians adequately represent the musical culture of St. Petersburg at various international events around the world and is a "card " cultural capital of Russia.

   The repertoire consists of works from the world of classical music , "cover " versions of popular hits, jazz and Russian folk music , in the author's own organization and registered in the name of the composer under his own name - " Hail Quartet " .

   " GRAD QUARTET " aims not only to continue in the genre of Russian folk instrumental skills but also contribute dyeing musical tones and explosive expression of modernity.