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You do not know the bag? A friend Ferdy the Ant? It is after all the one who knows everything and knows everything because he was born in the cinema. And: Do not be afraid! Make sure you about the events that we have chosen.
S Baggins see how locusts learn to jump, look into the beehive, you whistle race pavoučatům, understand, according to which plan builds houses Longhorn beetles and learn why it is important protective coloration.
Beetle Bag meets on his travels many interesting Fireflies and gets into a special place. Visually it handled the Samiha Maleh, but that honor manuscript writer, cartoonist and illustrator Andrew Sekora. The world of insects is not only colorful, but also physically diverse. That's because it was directed by choreographer Martin Pacek, founder of dance theater BUFO a Merry jumps. Funny, but also exciting events are thus narrated Sekorovými not only words but also in dance motion creations accompanied by songs and Ravena Vitus Sázavský.