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Breaking the Ice

Joël Pommer
Raw social comedy. A too little thriller.
Last year's event in Paris Odéon theater!

Estelle wants "to commit good" at any cost. It is a fool or a saint? He works at a supermarket as a "multifunctional" an employee - anyone can ask her about anything at any time. Her colleagues that frequently abused, as well as the owner and head behalf Blocq. However, he suddenly your employees will overwrite all your business ... How to cope with the new situation? Manage them efficiently manage? Or lead straight to bankruptcy? Or succumb to speculation and the prospect of an easy profit?

Author and director Joël Pommer writes on a knife edge, calmly, but with a large dose of humor and ironic distance. It examines the common people and their "fight for survival" in today's world.

Note: The characters in the game talk, "as they grew beak."

Translation Zdenek Bartos | Director Anna Petrželková | Expedition Lenka Odvárková | dramaturgy Johana Součková |
Music Jaroslav Cermak

CZECH Premiere October 30 March 2013

80 + Running time 65 minutes