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Archive: Rudné hornictví na Nejdecku


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Ore mining at Nejdecká

Museum Letterkenny

exhibition from 19 September 2013 to 1 December 2013

Admission: 30/15 CZK

This exhibition will focus in detail the story of this region. Nejdecká part of the Ore Mountains, the source area of a river basin Rolava, has a rich and glorious history. That is most of its existence closely with the miners and geological treasures in the form of ore deposits of tin and other metals.

The exhibition is by no means simply a story about stones and miners. Visitors deep into the past, when the local region lay at the bottom of the seas and roamed over him trilobites insights as to how the Ore Mountains were formed and what was the process of colonization.

What hardships accompanied by mining activity, what happened in Nejdecké uranium ore processing plant? As noted mining Ore Mountains and what to expect in the future? Replies will be available at the show.

The accompanying lecture will be held on 10.10.