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In the famous casinos of Las Vegas , the annual turnover of $ 6 billion . In online games, the Internet rolls his $ 35 billion annually . And here is shifting not only interested greatest players , but even the hardest hustlers . Place of business are the most exotic places and their business practices are in the best cases, only secret . In those little worse are illegal and the rest is hard edges. These new gangsters so often do not reach for weapons instead have a complex algorithm . Richie (Justin Timberlake ) , a graduate of the prestigious Princeton University , found that it was a false online game cheated and robbed. Therefore travels to Costa Rica , home tycoon Ivan Block ( Ben Affleck ) , who has these games under his control. And it wants Richie accused of fraud. Block it , however, discourage revenge and win over the promise of immense wealth. And it acquainted with his attractive partner Rebecca ( Gemma Artenton ) . Costa Rica offers him everything that his homeland could not - quick money , glitzy casinos and parties, excitement , fulfillment of all desires. But also cheap brothels , local officials cigars and chewing thick jungle full of crocodiles. All Richie , which is a typical sample of the current generation of keyboard shortcuts and moral , completely engulfed . His motto became "If you can do it , why can not I? \" In gambling no friendships or alliances do not last long. About it, make and Richie when he learns disturbing truth about his benefactor . Moreover, it agents from the FBI trying to force to Block slammed and helped get him behind bars . Richie must play the biggest gamble of their lives when trying to outwit and steal your two opponents at once . a still come out of this unharmed , or at least alive . Can it ? for what price? Director: Brad Furman Writer: Brian Koppelman , David Levien photography: Mauro Fiore Music: Christophe Beck Cast: Ben Affleck , Justin Timberlake, Gemma Arterton

Premiere , 91 minutes , USA , subtitles, since 12 years , ticket: 135 CZK