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Monday, the 14th October 19:30

PIG or Václav Havel's Hunt for a Pig

3rd festival performances

Goose on a String
Completely unknown (author not included in the collected works) Havel's text on the Czechs and the world. The story: The English journalist wants to know everything about the hope of Europe, the Czech soul and Gorbachev. So goes for Havel Hrádeček, VH wants to discuss, infer, juggle with deeper meanings and shallower overtones. But eventually learns only one thing: we all go to hell! And it is yet Václav Havel great humanist ... if not for the pig ... The staging Vladimir Moravek are singing soul of Czech opera The Bartered Bride Bedrich Smetana performed Hlubina collected choir Brno.

Director: Vladimir Moravek

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390, - 350, - 300, - 200, - Subscription B