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Jan Hlavac
Angels truant

Tuesday, the 19th November 18:00
Broadway Theatre

Angels truant

Broadway Theatre

Ends holidays and friend Misha , Angelina , Vendy and Tereza board the ninth grade . Over the years formed a musical group, but did not give much testing yet . During the tests actually rather discussed three of a kind classmates who have rap trio : Tommy , Dejv , and especially Simon , which eats most of the girls from school. The first school day in the classroom if new classmate Nikola . Director Kadavá before her somewhat feral deváťáky not do a very good advertising when it presents as vzorňačku , jedničkářku , winner of the Mathematical Olympiad , excellent singer ... Girls notice. And guys too, of course , because Nikola is not only smart , but to everything looks good . The only blemish on her perfection is perhaps only ten brother Philip , whom Nikola must walk everywhere with him. Filip is certainly no angel and my sister can bring in a good predicament.
Girls on new classmate jealous and tries to prevent all sorts of guys are testing it . The test is the fact that Simon Nikole reveals that swims in mathematics. Nikola him willingly begins tutoring and after school with a pair of spreading gossip . They also distributes some cheeky Filip , who invented stories about his sister and Simon trying to impress older girls .
Going to school academy , where they have deváťáci his show. Performance has conducted teacher Chramosta , confused leadership school choir that revels in old-fashioned music and force their wards to sing a folk song not . More authority it has on pupils zeměpisář Adalbert, who once sang in a rock band . The Director of Kadavu offers that deváťáckého performance takes itself and, moreover, attempts to class , where the arrival of Nikolina boils cement . The director is right after the first test dismayed : former rocker Vojtěch secvičuje with deváťáky in its view " Youth inappropriate " show. Kadavá summons choirmaster Chramosta , let the reins performances again take into their own hands . This , however deváťáky against each other in school and unleashing bursts open War . Zeměpisář Vojtěch however, believe that the conflict still bring something good : perhaps deváťáci finally begin to pull together and show everyone that not only talent for slander , jealousy and rivalry ...
Musical composer Michael David songwriter Lou Fanánek Hagen, Jan Hlavac screenwriter and director Philip Renče is loaded with the hit songs and comic situations in the school environment . The main roles of the story that not only entertains schoolchildren , the filmmakers cast member of the popular girl group 5 Angels and musical star of Joseph Vojtek , Sabina Laurinova , Linda Fink, Josef Bohouše ...

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