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Sandra Bullock in the movie plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a great doctor - engineer on her first space mission . George Clooney portrays Matt Kowalskyho space veteran who commanded his last flight before retirement . But during a routine trips into space disaster occurs . The ship is destroyed and Stone and Kowalsky remain alone in the universe rely on each other and seeking further into the dark universe . Deep silence gives both clear that they have lost any link to Earth ... and thus any chance of rescue. Fear is slowly turning into panic , particularly when both realize how little oxygen is left . At the same time , paradoxically, the only way to return is to continue the journey into deep space . Director: Alfonso Cuarón Writers : Alfonso Cuaron , Jonas Cuaron Photography: Emmanuel Lubezki Music: Steven Price Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Premiere , 90 minutes , USA , subtitles, accessible ticket: 165 CZK