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Archive: JÁ PADOUCH 2 (2D - BEZ BRÝLÍ)


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ME villain 2 - 2D - without glasses

Can be reformed villain ever more fun ? In telling bedtime stories ? When you are worried about the innocence of his eldest daughter ? If you do not want to steal anything ? Gru fortunately not end up as an ordinary civilian, because his heart is still hidden abilities that some would like to use . As the boss of the powerful Antipadoušské league , Silas Velezadek (This surname nekomentujte does not like it ) . Although Silas villains of all kinds deeply despised , but who may be putting yourself into thinking villain villain better than the former ? And sends his best agent Lucy Wilde to Grua forced to cooperate. That is a stunner with lipstick disguised as a Gru can begin to commit good old knees . And soon will have his hands full , because the radar Antipadoušské league appeared particularly cunning villain Eduardo , inexplicably began to disappear Mimoňové , Margo ignite calf, Edith is still a threat to life and Agnes to fight to get Dad a mom. And it may be in the final Grua the biggest threat . Directed by : Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud Writer: Ken Dauria , Cinco Paul , in Czech version : J. Labus, J. Přeučil, J. Pile ...

91 minutes , USA , dubbing , an accessible entrance fee : 135 CZK