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magical musical on ice

Perhaps no fairy tale found in worldwide popularity as a fairy tale Cinderella . Inspired many famous artists to film , theater , television , the musical or ballet processing ,
but was never listed as a musical on ice.
With that just now coming known author and director Henry Simek.

Welcome to the fairy tale !

Magical musical Cinderella on Ice makers are prepared as a fairy tale from the baroque period. Everyone will certainly gain variable timeless scene , carrying all the elements of a fairytale fantasy .
Spectators can enjoy the beautiful costumes , glamorous light composition , film screenings and magical effects , supplemented by film animation .
Musical on Ice - unique in the world

Musical on Ice is a specific form of Czech staging , the world's originality lies in the idea of combining in one project - a theatrical performance on the ice , singers, actors, dancers , figure skaters and play musical story simultaneously on stage and ice .

The author of this staging of the musical on ice forms , the screenwriter and director
Henry Simek, who in this genre yet realized the two authors' works ,
and a fabulous musical on ice Mrazík
a romantic musical on ice Romeo and Juliet.

The essence of the musical on ice is a division of roles into two groups:
scenic and figure skating .
While the role scene are characters that portray actors and performances speak , sing and move only on the stage erected on the ice , skating portray skaters role and express only the movement and dance.

Musical on Ice is often mistaken for ice revue , but with this ice show does , in addition to the ice rink , a lot in common . The difference is significant. In January revue show off their dance skaters only
and acrobatic numbers in various forms , musical on ice is a synthesis of radio stories, drama, music , singing, figure skating and has a supporting story , script , scene and especially the plot .

And therefore undoubtedly belongs to the category of the most challenging projects in the field of show business . The number of performers , technical and support personnel , the difficulty of construction scenes , lighting and sound , a huge space in which the action takes place , is fully aligned show a similar nature ,
eg megakoncertům world famous singers and bands .

Performed by :

Fairytale wizard : Jiří Korn, Josef Vojtek, Martin Post
Queen: Dana Morávková , Leona Machálková , Hana Buštíková
King: Vlastimil Harapes , Milan Low
The royal chamberlain : Martin Dejdar , Dalibor Gondík , Václav Copt
Stepmother: Hank Křížková , Renata Podlipská
Daughter Nora Sabina Laurinová Adele Gondíková , Zuzana Offenbartl Dovalovo
Daughter Dora : Magda Small , Leona Black
Father: Rudolf Kubik, Pavel Handl
Swan : Zuzana Pokorná , Catherine Routková

In supporting roles, actors will perform actors and dancers from across the country.

sang and narrated Lucie White / skate Jelena Jovanovic , Annette Dytrt

sung and narrated by Ondřej Ruml / skate Konstantin Gavrin , David Vincour