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Archive: Symfonický koncert k založení republiky A3


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Symphony concert to the founding of the Republic A3

Date of Event:
October 24, 2013
Venue :
Spa III - A. Dvorak Concert Hall - Karlovy Vary
Category :
KSO - Concert Series A
Symphony concert on the anniversary of the founding of the Republic


Bedrich Smetana : My Country

KSO principal conductor Martin Lebel

 My country is a cycle of six symphonic poems inspired to write the Frederick Smetanučeská history , legends and landscape . The work was in the background aftermath of the Czech National Revival and although it initially part of the Czech public for their accepted , it has become a progressively one of the crowning works of Czech classical music.

Each of My Country - Vysehrad , Vltava, Sarka, the Czech meadows and groves , Tabor and Blanik - emerged gradually , Smetana is created between 1874 - 1879th
The first song Smetana Vysehrad began composing at the end of September 1874 , when there were unexpected problems with his hearing. Mostly , however, have heard quite deaf overnight 19th at the 20th října 1874th However, even the 19th October evening visited the opera, and was able to hear it. Vyšehrad completed the first November . Had its premiere this symphonic poem 14th března 1875th

Two days after completion Smetana Vysehrad began work on another symphonic poem Vltava , in which music drew form the largest Czech rivers . Vltava completed in a very short time , 8th prosince 1874th The premiere was the fourth symphonic poem dubna 1875th

The third and fourth symphonic poem by the composer in 1875. Sark, named after a fighter from Czech Sarka reputation Girls war , finished 20th February poem of Czech meads and hájůdokončil 18th October . While the first three symphonic poems composed by Smetana in Prague, wrote in the fourth lodge in Jabkenice . After finishing fourth poems Smetana combined terminal scores of the four poems and painted the title is " The Country - form a whole ."

Composer and created within one year four symphonic poems , of which contemporary press wrote about as tetralogy . Smetana , this unit did not consider it finished and in the future it would only conclude is the culmination of thought .

But then he started to work in other works, such as operas, The Kiss and The Secret and the String Quartet From My Life .

To my returned home in 1878. Camp , the fifth poem in the sequence , finished 13th December 1878 , the Prime Minister held on 4 ledna 1880s. The poem is named after the South Bohemian town of Tabor , who in 1420 founded the Hussites , and them during the Hussite wars served as a major center . The Hussite Wars were inspired composers , the poem even dominates the Hussite hymn tune Ye Who Are Warriors of God .

With a track camp is immediately associated the last symphonic poem Blanik. Smetana finished ninth March 1879 , premiered on the 4th ledna 1880s. It is named after Central Blanik hill , in the heart by old Czech legend sleeps troops headed to St. Wenceslaus and waits until the Czech nation worst .

After completion of Blanik joined Smetana last two poems to the previous four and a whole named Nancy. The magazine brought Dalibor 20th October 1879 mentioning probably the first that the entire file is named My Country .

The cycle My Country was the first recording that in 1929 , the Czech Philharmonic under Vaclav Talich the gramophone record for the company His Master 's Voice .

My country is played every year on the 12th May, the anniversary of Smetana's death , the first inaugural work of the classical music festival Prague Spring .

Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra will follow its chief conductor Martin Lebel . He is a graduate of the National Conservatory in Paris in fields fugue , counterpoint , composition and conducting. He is a laureate of prestigious international competitions Mitropulosovy in New York ( 1998) and Prokofiev in St. Petersburg (2003 ) . Since 2001 he regularly teaches master classes at the Paris Conservatoire and permanently governed by L' Orchestre de Bretagne . Controls extensive repertoire and as a guest conductor led major orchestras in many European countries (France, Czech Republic , Slovakia , Italy , Poland , Germany , Spain , etc. ) , but also in South America ( Colombia , Uruguay ) .


Spa III - A. Dvorak Concert Hall

Location :
Spa III - A. Dvorak Concert Hall
Mill waterfront 507/5
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Karlovy Vary