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Karlsbad Beauty Institute


Stará Louka 343/30, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká republika
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Long-term experience  Mrs. Petra Voráčková, who had collected during operations in Beirut, Frankfurt, New York and Prague will ensure the high professionalism of the services provided by the team for you in our Institute will care.

Payot, a different vision of beauty

Like a doctor who fills in a prescription after a consultation, our prescriptions supported by a diagnosis, which analyses the factors which influence our way of life. This Essentials act determines the skin condition and allows optimal use of our products, for maximal efficiency and virble results.

- Moisturizing treatment, intensive moisturizing treatment with kalagonem, soothing treatment, intensive cleansing treatment, anti-stress, anti-exhaustion and relaxation treatments, basic treatment anti-aging treatments glowing, soothing treatment for men, special slimming and firming body wraps, hair removal using warm wax, professional make-up.

- Nail spa manicure, HANDS! UP wellness manicure, Nail UV gel nails graduation, PEDIX MarinaVital Wellness pedicure, France Perfect - Permanent French pedicure, Nail Art - exclusive nail art.

System Beauty-face program, smoothing wrinkles,
Special-care system acne, pigment spots, broken veins
Beauty System Body-Body program, dealing with the problematic parts of the body