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Lázeňská 295, 354 91 Lázně Kynžvart, Czech Republic
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Healing Spa Spa Kynžvart are modern Spa , located on the southwestern slope of Austerlitz forest in the western corner of Bohemia, in the mountain areas and in the ideal altitude of 730 m above sea level , ie above the ground fog . The area is characterized by high solar intensity , high and constant humidity and a minimum content of pollutants in the atmosphere , ensuring closeness extensive mixed forests .

Since 2010 this site has , as one of only four areas , has been recognized by the Ministry of Health of the local climatic conditions as a therapeutic natural resource.

Historically, spa specialized in the treatment of children and adolescents, there are currently spa family , providing medical rehabilitation care for children from 1.5 years of age, adolescents and adult patients .

Healing Spa Spa Kynžvart
Spa treatment in Kynžvart is based on the long- proven therapeutic effects of local climatic conditions completely isolated in combination with the use of unique mineral water, balneology treatments , physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and other modern treatment methods. Spa provides professional spa treatment based on the latest medical knowledge in the fields of hydrotherapy , obesity , rehabilitation and treatment indications.

The spa includes six bathhouses with a total capacity of 305 beds in category A and B. meals for children is provided 6 times a day (breakfast, snack , lunch, snack , dinner , second dinner ) , adult patients 4 times a day (breakfast , lunch, dinner , second dinner ) , food is served at each treatment building in the dining room . Diet therapy is guided by the principles of rational nutrition with emphasis on dietary variety and individually to eliminate foods that trigger allergic symptoms in children .

Most treatments are administered in a spa facility , swimming pool physiotherapy , rehabilitation and exercise equipment is carried on in the sports and rehabilitation center. The pool water is treated by special technology using ozone without the presence of chlorine , making it suitable for allergy sufferers and patients sensitive to chlorine .

The hospital is provided by a complex and contributory spa treatment rehabilitation care , as well as spa treatment rehabilitation care for private patients . We also offer a range of other possible stay, whether it is something therapeutic, educational , stay on probation , etc.

Healing Spa Spa Kynžvart
All treatments , physiotherapy and other treatment carried out under the guidance of experienced professionals and physiotherapists

The patients cared for by qualified medical personnel 24 hours a day, all the time is also providing medical care .

Healing Spa Spa Kynžvart is an organization , its founder , the Ministry of Health.