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Golf Club Kynžvart


Zámek 418, 354 91 Lázně Kynžvart, Czech Republic
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Kynžvart Golf Club is the newest golf club in the smallest region of the Czech Republic, which is today the largest number of courses (10) on the area and population. The club is located on the outskirts of Slavkovský, the imaginary center of the other courses, which are located Kynžvart a radius of 50 kilometers. The closest two oldest golf courses in the Czech Republic, who still remember the Austro-Hungarian monarchy - in Marianske Lazne and Karlovy Vary. Golf Club Kynžvart Although it can not yet boast a long tradition, but the more offers new members the opportunity to participate in the creation of tradition. Club history began in 2004-2008, when the club was officially founded and started with the construction field. The architects used the dispositions castle park and the surrounding countryside and a combination of traditional and modern elements created a diverse, colorful playground in style parkland.