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Mariánské lázně


Ruská 155/3, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně, Česká republika


Architectural gem , the city park and park in the city. Treasury mineral springs . Bath , after which they walked the promenades famous personalities from all over the world.


Marienbad is the second largest Czech spa, which is very rich in mineral springs. Right in the many springs 40 and near almost 100 The territory of today's spa belonged to the monastery in warm, whose abbot KK Raitenberg pushed through at the behest of the monastery doctor JJNehra early 19th century construction of the first bath.

The main spa promenade and an important architectural monument is the pseudo litinovákolonáda of 1889. The drinking cures are fed springs Cross , Caroline Rudolph . Before colonnade with great attention enjoys singing fountain . The best known are other sources Ferdinand , Forest and Ambrose .


climate is due to the altitude of around 600 m character hightland
The average annual temperature is 6.4 ° C +
average hours of sunshine is 1,670 hours per year

Basic information about the city
Region ( NUTS 3 ) Carlsbad
district ( NUTS 4 ) Cheb
cadastral area of 51.81 square kilometers
Population 13,554
Latitude N49 ° 57'52 , 85 "
Longitude E12 ° 42'4 , 40 "
altitude 578 m