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Jan Becher Muzeum


Tomáše Garrigue Masaryka 282/57, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Česká republika
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Stone arch cellars , ancient wood barrels , glass curves of old bottles, yellowed paper their labels. It is a captivating place ... and smells .

It has been over 206 years since its formulation saw the light , or the gloom of Becher pharmacy in the House at the Three Skylarks in Karlovy Vary. 206 years of sweet and bitter - as she is. I experienced a lot , met a lot of ... and remained the same: smooth and strong, familiar and mysterious , mature and eternal youth . Becherovka . Today you can sample some of the past and present of Becherovka in the Jan Becher Museum .

Jan Becher Museum is located on the spot where Becherovka long 143 years flowed all over the world . In addition to interpretation in four languages (CZ , AJ , NJ and RJ ) and documentary film in ten languages , audio-visual projection and exhibition of historical exhibits related to the Becherovka, the tour also includes a visit the original cellars and some production facilities . On the contrary, some places remain secret. Eg . in the room called " Drogikamr " came today just a chosen few . Just behind her locked door a few times a year, dare experienced hands the exact quantities of dried flowers, leaves , bark , or ground spices and mix thoroughly fragrant blend of twenty herbs and spices - the basis for future liquor. At the end of the tour you can relax in the museum bar . " For you somehow tastes better ," that a lot in the museum bar .

The drink itself is different, every morning checked by experienced tasters , but there seems to taste different. It conjures frost with Becherovka . The flavor and aroma of this unique liqueur is said to best develop in 4-10 ° C , but at -18 ° C , if " lazy " - This flows from the bottle into a frosted glass , its aroma is lightly releases , and then circularly melts at language in a delicious new dimension ... And it is Becherovka . Ice . Best ? Becherovka is only one ! ... However, opportunities to drink it , when and by whom, those are innumerable. My favorite aperitif , digestif effective , a component of many refreshing cocktails ... It is all Becherovka . I therefore sold in a range of sizes - from tiny collectibles 5cl bottle over " flask " with the cup , to the venerable " třílitrovku " . This " crumb " in handcrafted giant bottle is one of Becherovka Collection - exclusive " blue " series, especially suitable as a gift. Selection in our company store is wide, also regularly enriched by occasional and seasonal packages . Whether Becherovka travels from the store in the freezer across town to friends , or travel around half the world as an original souvenir from Bohemia, whoever opens it will certainly please you.


Adresa: T. G. Masaryka 57, Karlovy Vary Ukázat na mapě
Otevírací doba: denně od 9.00 do 17.00 hod.
Rezervace: na tel. +420 359 578 142, e-mailuvstupenky@jan-becher.com, neboprostřednictvím formuláře.
Výklad: česky, anglicky, německy, rusky
Vstupné: Dospělá osoba 120 Kč
Studenti, ZTP 60 Kč
Dítě do 18 let 30 Kč
Rodinné vstupné(2+2) 240 Kč

Informace o časech prohlídek na tel.: 359 578 142 nebo prostřednictvím emailu: vstupenky@pernod-ricard.com.


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