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Sports Hall Chodov


Město Chodov, karlovarský kraj

Since 2008, addressed City Chodov concept and design of a sports center Chodov. The aim of the architectural design of sports facilities, outdoor sports and the pit was logical arrangement and uniform design. The motive for the main subject will then become the natural elements characterizing their nature - sports hall - air swimming pool - water, summer sports facilities - fire, recessed dressing room - country.

In terms of urban is to be understood as a sports hall west of the two dominant volumes and major sports center Chodov. East dominates the mass is still unrealized, identically shaped object swimming pool.

In the northern side of the football field is currently being prepared long-term joint project documentation object locker football and volleyball club and in 2010 he was already implemented a set of small buildings and a playground - outdoor toilets and showers.